Latest news
August 15th, 2002
  • Initial testing of upgraded mga code runs quake with xfree4! Still some problems, but major milestone has now been passed.
March 23rd, 2002
  • Some nv texturing bugs fixed. See "latest-release" downloads. Note that releases from now on are for xfree4.2.0.

    Quake2 and Quake3 RUN! But only if you have 32 megs video ram, and only when Xserver set to run in 16-bit mode.

Feb 10th, 2002
  • Basic nv hardware acceleration works, with xfree4.1.0. Initial binary release for Solaris x86 made.
Feb 5th, 2002
  • XFree4.x port under way. Software rendering works. Work in progress for 'nv' and 'mach64' hardware directories.
October 30th, 2000
  • First candidates for the 0.10 beta release available for testing.
August 20th June 26th
  • The default directory has been changed!
  • Otherwise not much has happened since the last update except bug fixes.
March 28th
  • New driver-independent AGP allocation and deallocation code has been added.
  • Major SiS 6326 updates.
  • Stencil support on the G400 has been added.
  • hw_boxes update in the mga driver. Paletted textures on the G200 is also supported once again.
  • The options for the Rage Pro driver has been changed.
  • Mesa 3.2beta1 has been released.
March 6th - Not so weekly Summary
  • Our quest to write Mesa drivers for 3d accelerators, starting with the G200, is now more than a year old. It was a somewhat shaky start, but it seems to have worked out rather well.
  • Initial non complete support for the SiS 6326 added
  • Lots of code duplication has been removed. Among them software buffer access.
  • Otherwise most of the work last week was concentrated on the Rage Pro driver.
February 23rd - Weekly Summary
  • Major NVIDIA driver updates. Notably: Mesa 3.0 support has been dropped from the NVIDIA driver.
  • Vertex reuse optimization added to the ATI Rage Pro driver.
  • Preliminary DMA support has been added to the S3 driver.
February 14th - Weekly Summary: February 8th - Weekly summary:
  • The S3 driver is shaping up.
  • Otherwise not much happened this week.
January 30th - Weekly summary: January 26th - Newsflash January 22nd - Weekly summary:
  • The homepage for the project has been moved to
  • The homepage has gotten some much needed attention. We will try to keep this news page updated with the latest items of interest.
  • We now have a unified It is now possible to compile one that will work with all supported chipsets.
  • It seems like NVIDIA, SGI and VA Linux is cooperating to make a certified OpenGL driver for the NVIDIA based chipsets.
  • Some configuration options has been renamed: mga_boxes, mga_logfile and mga_loglevel and the corresponding mach64 variables has been renamed to hw_boxes, hw_logfile and hw_loglevel.
  • The behaviour of ./ --sysconfdir has changed!

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